What is MariTime?

MariTime is a system offering timing & photofinish for



  • Canoe
  • Kayak
  • Dragonboat
  • Rowing


How does it work?


During a racing event MariTime performs basically 3 different tasks:


1: Capturing goal passings

During a race, a standard consumer HD video camera is used to capture all the goal passings.
The video is input into a standard Windows-based PC using HDMI


2: Heat post-processing

When a heat is finished, the captured video file is analyzed and times are assigned to all the participants



3: Result export

When all the relevant times have been assigned, MariTime can then export the heat results for import into a race administration system. A number of export formats are available as standard, and we can offer a custom format if needed!
N.B. MariTime in itself is not a race administration system. It does not "know" about participants. What is does "know" is

  • Heat identitity
  • Lanes
  • Time for each lane

Based upon this information MariTime will compile a results export file suited for import into the race administrations system that knows about participants.


4: Printouts (optional)

MariTime can perform a number of printouts. Here is one example showing the results for the heat and a series of pictures for each participant passing the goal line