MariTime HDMI with Marathon and support for Remote start client

This new version (intended to superseed all earlier versions) with functions for Marathon and the Remote start client has been tested extensively by the Swedish canoe, federation, and it is now (hopefully) ready for expanded tryout.
Below are downloads of complete installation packages. These package are designed to ensure that all necessary Windows components are in place.

This is the latest full version.with marathon and remote client  functions!  version 5.1.53

Fix for Phidget driver issues version 5.1.54  (unzip and place beside original .exe)

Development version 5.1.62 compiled 17-07-09 (download and place beside original .exe!)

This the free version of above  version 5.1.13
You are encouraged to download and test!

MariTime HDMI/Marathon free compiled 2017-07-19

Preliminary user manual for above version

MariTime Remote Start Client

This is a "preview" of the Remote Start client

Before downloading/testing the client, you are recommended to read this introductory document:

Testing MariTime remote client (.pdf)

Below is a link to an installation package fpr the remote client
MariTime Remote start client

NB! Only install this program on a dedicated PC where you are not using MariTime.
MariTime and thew Remote start client use different versions of the Phidget drivers, and this can lead to problems!

(Phidget is the hardware used in the Control Box)

Sample Video files

If you want to try out MarTime you can download the free version (see below) and try it with some of the actual race video files here:



MariTime installation files

The MariTime program comes in two different versions:

  1. The free version, so named because it is free.
    It does however have limitied functionality, i.e. it does not capture anything, but will perform all post-heat processing functions
  2. The full version.
    It is not free, and is also dependant on the presence of a Control Box to function properly

Both the installation files below are single .exe files compiled with the Inno setup compiler.

They have been thorougly checked  for viruses being submitted to

The free version installation file:

The full version installation file:

N.B It seems that Avast antivirus can give an alarm on these files when downloaded.

I found the following explanation:

DomainRep is a new feature of Avast, so let me explain a bit. It blocks EXE files downloads if these conditions are *all* met:
1. The file is not prevalent enough, ie. not enough Avast users launched the file yet,
2. The domain is not prevalent enough, ie. not enough Avast users downloaded (any) EXE files from the domain yet,
3. The file is not signed or Avast does not trust the signature.


MariTime intermediate files


If the need arises (and it propably does during the testing period..) for expedited updated .exe. versions  they will be placed here below.
These .exe files will have the version number included in the .exe file name. This means that such an .exe can be placed (and executed)  beside the original .exe in the folder created by the installation.

MariTime_HDMI version 192   N.B this .exe is "packaged" as a .zip file, Just unzip and copy

Release notes for version 219 below!

MariTime_HDMI_version 219. N.B this .exe is "packaged" as a .zip file, Just unzip and copy

MariTime version 221
Release notes for version 221 above

MariTime_Mth_5101_ln.exe (Place in folder produced by installation!)



The .zip files above is inteded to use like this:
Unzip it, and copy the resulting .exe into the folder that was produced during the inital install of MariTime.
I  do frequent corrections/additions to MariTime (often as a result of an error report or suggestion). Every time i re-compile, the version number increases by 1. The development .exe files have unique file names, meaning that they can co-exist in the same folder.



MariTime installation & user manual

The current version of the manual can be downloaded below!

/MariTime_HDMI_usermanual_1_13.pdf  (2016-06-03)


Previous (DV/Firewire) versions

NB! These are not for HDMI, but included here as a service for existing customers needing to download

the old DV/Firewrite versions!

Complete installation files: (Always replace the installed .exe with the latset .exe below!)

MariTime full

MariTime free

Latest DV/Firewire .exe files

MariTime full version 

MariTime free version

Canopus DV codec

User manual (DV version)


Some useful tools:



Amcap  (download and Unzip)



The CantIme system has the following status:

No development work is presently performed.
I have not received any signals of an interest for an interest in a HDMIconversion of this product.
Such a conversion is certainly possible, but given the rather small nu,mbers of users,
the financing of such an undertaking is a problem.


For current users, here are some useful files:


CaniTime installation file

CaniTime latest .exe

N.B the the files above are really .exe files, but my CMS forces me to rename them as .exx
So before use please rename them back to .exe!

Canitime use manual

CaniTime HDMI

CaniTime_HDMI setup file

CaniTime HDMI development versions

(Simply place these .exe:s beside the original exe resulting from the setup!)


CaniTime_HDMI ver 286 compiled 2017-10-08

Phidget test exe (Interfacekit-controller.exe)

Register DLL:s

Download and information about a useful utility for register/unregister