Register DLL

In Windows, there are components like .DLL .OCX etc that often needs to be registred.
A program like MariTime needs a number of such componenets to work correctly.
Normally, all these componenets will be installed and registered by the initial installation program.
(After this installation has been run once, it will suffice to just download and copy in place an updated MariTime .exe)

However in some situations, a user may need to perform a registration manually by himself.
The default method of performing a registration is by running a Windows utility called RegSvr32.exe.
However this program can sometimes be really complicated, and I will therefore recommend a much easier way!

There is a utility called RegisterDLL.exe and the link to the left will provide a download of it.

Here follows an example of running this utility:

Right_click on the program and select "Run as administrator" as shown

On the opened form click the "Browse" command button and find the file that you want to register like this example:

Click "Register" and you will most likely get this message:

Then you can just Close the utility.
As you can see, it can also be used to Unregister, should the need arise.
But, it is important that you really start the utility with administrator priviliges, since it seems that this is needed on all recent Windows versions!